As the grapes ripen at Can Guilera, their progress is closely monitored to decide which vines will produce the best fruits and which day will be the best to harvest them. Once harvested, the objective is to keep the grape as fresh as possible, moving quickly to cover the short distance between the vines and the cellar.
The must is gently extracted by slowly pressing the grapes to achieve the desired taste. The produce of each of the different vines is processed separately, so that the entire wine-making journey can be traced from grape to glass. In the cellar we employ the very latest technologies alongside more traditional methods, therefore ensuring the wine reaches its full potential.

The Coma Romà wines are the result of leaving nothing to chance. They are the fruit of years of experience working the vines, of understanding the varieties that flourish in Can Guilera’s ancient soil, and the techniques required to transform them into premium wines. They are the culmination of 700 years of tradition, hard work, rigour, and respect.