Coma Romà is the culmination of a grape and wine producing venture, aged and matured for some 700 years. It is an exclusive brand of organic wine, lovingly produced by the Guilera family from Sant Pau d’Ordal in the Penedès region of Catalonia.

The process begins with the certified organic cultivation of vines in the estate’s vineyards. It continues with a small selection of only the very best grapes, handpicked, at the optimal moment in time. Production then moves on to the cellar, where the very latest technologies are used alongside practices handed down through the generations, such as aligning the phases of the moon with the different stages of production. Finally, our wine is marketed and sold, exclusively, by industry professionals.

Here at Can Guilera we have nature on our side and complete control over the entire production cycle. This is the secret behind our unique wines.

The premium quality bottles are the embodiment of a complete philosophy on life and work. In the spirit of that philosophy and representing a new generation, the producer, Josep Guilera Riambau, continues the family tradition of lovingly tending the soil at Can Guilera.

Somewhat uniquely, the Can Guilera property has remained in the same family for the entirety of its 700 years. Many Guilera family descendants still reside in the local area and can trace their heritage back to the Can Guilera farmhouse. The building was originally isolated, but today it stands in the surrounds of the village of Sant Pau d’Ordal. Seven centuries ago, the main activities at the farmhouse were the cultivation of vines, olives and cereal crops. The family has been passionately working the vines and expertly producing wines since then. The family owned a wine shop, in Barcelona, during the 1930s, and further proof of their expertise is the medal they were awarded as winners of the 1951 Penedès wine-producing competition.

The family’s current project is the fruit of Can Guilera’s history. Under the brand name Coma Romà, it produces and sells highly limited and premium quality organic wines. Unique bottles, to satisfy all those who enjoy wines with big personality.