The Can Guilera estate is located in the vicinity of Sant Pau d’Ordal, on the slopes of the Massís d’Ordal (Catalonia, Spain). The vines grow at an altitude of between 250 and 350 metres, and are distributed in terraces, also known in Catalan as “comes”. It is these terraces or “comes” that give the wine its name: “Coma Romà”. The terraces, orientated towards the midday sun, follow the undulating terrain and cover the jagged orography of the Serra d’Ordal.

Can Guilera’s vines are planted in earth that dates to the Tertiary Period. The marine sediment and fossils found within it bear testament to this geological past. The soil is not blessed with an abundance of natural nutrients and lies on a bed of limestone. This type of ground, while not ideal for high grape output, does produce a fruit with highly sought-after properties. The terrain then, is the first contributing factor in the production of Can Guilera’s high-quality wines.

Wine is inextricably linked to the earth from which it is produced. It should reflect its place of birth, the soil it grew from, and the character of that region. For this reason, the Guilera family place great emphasis on the importance of nurturing the land. Nature is a great provider when she is treated with love and respect. In keeping with that philosophy, the vines at Coma Romà have full organic certification. Additionally, both the cultivation of the vines and the work done in the cellar is timed according to the lunar cycle, just as the family’s ancestors did. This is done in an effort to restore the authenticity of the grape’s expression.

When the grapes have reached the optimal level of ripeness, we begin a rigorous selection process, finally selecting only a small part of the produce to be made into wine. The Coma Romà wine is made from only the very best grapes produced by the estate, because our objective is to sell only the very best of wines.